360 Seating

Only the Frontier offers 360 Seating, giving you 360° Mobility, a 12″ high seat position, and superior comfort. Not to mention complete confidence on the water.
360 Seating is more than just a swivel. It is a complete system designed from the hull up.

Hull Design

Without the Frontier’s legendary initial and secondary stability, 360° mobility would not be possible. It would just be your ticket to getting wet.

Hull Design

Freedom Track

The Freedom Track provides the flexibility to position your seat(s) right where you want, keeping your boat trimmed and your balanced centered.

Freedom Track

RIGID 360 Bases

The lightweight, super-strong composite base connects the hull to the seat, providing a 12” high seat position.

Max 360 Seats

Max 360 Seats keep you comfortable all day with great back support and cushioning, and just enough flexibility to allow you to maintain balance when rotating.

Max 360 Seat

360° Seating is just one more reason the Frontier is the ultimate fishing platform.
No more compromises, just more fish.