Tips from the Pros: Rigging for Bowfishing

Gene Schang, Field Gear Editor at Crossbow Magazine, walks you through his bowfishing setup on this Frontier 12. CROSSBOW    COMPOUND BOW

10 Tips for Traveling with Your Family and Your NuCanoe

by Team NuCanoe member Kevin McCullough I recently got back from a trip to Gulf Shores, AL with my family. I had planned on showing all the pictures of fish I caught but since that didn’t happen I figured I’d offer some advice I came up with on taking you NuCanoe with you on family… Read more →

One full year… and a Pursuit Review!

I met up with Blake in Tennessee when the Pursuit was being designed and spent a day paddling and fishing from a prototype.  Let’s just say I knew then I had to have one.  The Pursuit became available just as I was preparing to make a major move as I accepted a new job in… Read more →

Frontier 12 – A Serious Bowfishing Platform

By Gene Schang, Field Gear Editor, Crossbow Magazine “Dedicated to the Serious Crossbow Hunter” As the Field Gear Editor of Crossbow Magazine, a nationally circulated magazine devoted to crossbows, I am fortunate to be in a position to get hands on experience with many outdoor products. A few of these products will go on to… Read more →

Raving Fans!: JC in Northern Virginia

My Frontier 12 gets a lot of interest here in northern VA, especially folks noting the stability even when I am using the 7 inch extended pedestal. It handles the biggest boat wakes with ease. The Minn Kota 45 also moves the boat very well. The seats are great and with the room to maneuver… Read more →

Fly Fishing the Smokies

By Tanner Nations, Fishing Guide with Fly Fishing the Smokies in Bryson City, NC I have had the Frontier 10 out a few times now. In short, I am extremely impressed.  I have fallen in love with this boat and the ability to customize it to benefit my style of fly fishing.  The stability of this watercraft is like… Read more →

Stability Explained

Ever wonder what makes a fishing kayak stable?  Or why stability is important?   Let us explain… Why Stability is Important: 1. Allows you to move around freely and comfortably 2. Let’s you to stand up confidently 3. Enables you to handle the unexpected – without getting wet! What makes NuCanoe Kayaks so stable? 1…. Read more →

Frontier 12 & Pursuit Comparison by Froggy Waters Outdoors

By Gary Ribet, owner of Froggy Waters Outdoors kayak fishing guide service and member of the Great Outdoor Provision Company Fishing Team Review time! I have been working with NuCanoe for a little over 6 months. At this point I have had hands on experience with the Frontier 10, Frontier 12, and Pursuit. While I… Read more →

The Pursuit – A New Level of Fishing

Thanks to Tony Hart with Yak Outlaws for sharing this review of the Pursuit: The NuCanoe Pursuit received much fanfare from this past summer’s iCast show, and good reason… It’s definitely an eye catching fishing machine. I spent some time with NuCanoe owner, Blake Young, and he showed me the different features of the Pursuit…. Read more →

Introducing the NuCanoe BlackPak

Meet the all new NuCanoe BlackPak! Designed in collaboration with YakAttack, the NuCanoe BlackPak is the perfect fit for your gear and fits perfectly in the Frontier and Pursuit. NuCanoe BlackPak Compact Size | Max Gear Space | Integrated Mighty Mounts | Custom Hinges With a compact size that minimizes wind resistance and does not restrict… Read more →

NuCanoe Slide Drawers

The NuCanoe Slide Drawers make it possible to have your rods, tackle, gear, and devices within reach, while preserving your clean open deck. The Slide Drawers mount in the Bow Crate Space and slide in the Freedom Track to always be within reach. They take up virtually no deck space and easily lift out at… Read more →

Kayak Fly Fishing Skills #5 – Retrieving the Fly and “Strip-Setting” the Hook

The most common reason for not getting a proper hook set is that rod tip is in the air and not in the water. In other types of fishing the rod is held at a higher angle (that’s why it is called angling), but because fly line has weight and mass, it will sag and… Read more →

Kayak Fly Fishing Skill 4 – Wind Casting

Dealing with wind is a given, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your fly rod.   Two simple adjustments in your cast can help you overcome even a stiff head wind – the one most anglers dread – but if you learn to deal with it, staying down wind of your fish allows you… Read more →

“Pursuit” of the Red Fish by Daniel Gates

Submitted by Team NuCanoemember Daniel Gates. Connect with Daniel on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Galveston, TX – With the ever so non-existent winter we have had (folks up north, sorry for the winter you put up with – I don’t know how you guys stomach it), I took to a familiar spot with a fellow… Read more →

Kayak Fly Fishing Skill #3 – Roll Cast Pick-Up

Think of the roll-cast pick-up as an escape plan when you have a mess of line on the water. If you have slack line outside of your rod-tip, it will be very difficult to make a cast. A roll cast is made by placing the line behind you, raising the rod to the upright position… Read more →

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