The Frontier is the ultimate fishing kayak. Ridiculously stable, surprisingly agile, and completely comfortable, the self-bailing Frontier knows no limits. Whether you fish in open water, small creeks, fast rivers, or big lakes, the Frontier fishing kayak will exceed your expectations and expand your possibilities.

Unique among fishing kayaks, the Frontier’s simplistic design and open platform puts you in control. Fish solo or tandem. Rigged up and stripped down. Paddle powered or motorized. Reconfigure on the fly. In the Frontier, the possibilities are endless.

Only in the Frontier….    

360 Seating – Always face the action, wherever it may be, with 360 degree seating in the Frontier.  Plus, the seats are 12″ high, providing great visibility, leverage, and comfort.

Unmatched Stability – The Frontier’s stability is legendary.  Stand, cast, and fight fish with confidence.  Fear no choppy waters or boat wakes.

Complete Customizability – In the Frontier, you can do things your way! Go solo or tandem.  Position seats, rod holders, and accessories right where you want…and reposition them on the fly.

Wide Open Cast & Blast Deck – The Frontier features a 20″ wide deck that is provides a perfect deck for standing and leaves lots of room for feet and gear.

Motor Ready – The Frontier’s square transom is ready for a trolling motor or outboard, just drop it in and take off.  No installation or brackets required.

Freedom Track – Position the seats right where you want and relocate them on the fly.  Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare.  Add rod holders and accessories where they fit you best.  In the Frontier, one size and one position does not fit all!

Go beyond the ordinary.  Fish in the Frontier!



Fishing Packages

The quickest way to the water is with one of our Frontier Fishing Packages. The packages provide the essential seats, rod holders, and gear for bass anglers, salt water anglers, fly anglers, and more. Each package can be customized with your choice of Max 360 Seat color and Rod Holder style - Spinning, Fly, or Tube. Solo packages fit on the Frontier 10 or 12. Tandem packages fit the Frontier 12 only.

Customize Your Frontier

No two anglers are exactly alike, and your fishing crafts shouldn't be either. You know what you want and where you want it. Go ahead, build your custom fishing craft, just as you like it.