Looking to put a motor on your fishing kayak? Then you’ve come to the right place! All NuCanoe models work great with motorized power. Best of all, just about every type of motor – gas outboards, propane outboards, hands-free kayak motors, trolling motors, etc. – can be used! To help you sort through the options, we’ve put together a little primer for using a motor on your NuCanoe fishing kayak.

POWERED PERFORMANCE – NuCanoe Kayaks + Trolling Motors

PLUG & PLAY MOTOR KITS – The best way to motorized your NuCanoe


7500 - Plug + Play Motor Kit Transom Mount (1)
7510 - Plug + Play Motor Kit Bow Mount (1)


The ultimate hands-free power on the Frontier. This system is simple as can be, letting you focus on fishing. You have full control of the motor whether standing or sitting, and it is easy to retract when you get to shore or in shallow water.  The motor mounts on the NuCanoe Bow Motor Mount, which is secured to the gunwale and deck adjacent to the Gear Vault. The PowerDrive & Xi5 Motors both have a quick disconnect bracket that makes removing or installing the motor a breeze.

Popular Motors: MinnKota PowerDrive V2 with the Co-Pilot remote, MinnKota RipTide ST with iPilot, and MotorGuide Xi5 Wireless Trolling Motor

Pros: Easiest to control, sitting or standing; weight is in bow to allow optimal seat position, simple to take on and off

Cons: Requires drilling holes in hull for installation; overall weight of motor and battery. Requires cutting down shaft for optimal use.

Tips:    Cut shaft length to around 24″.  For the PowerDrive V2, use the MKA-21 Bracket.  For the RipTide SP, use the RTA-17 Bracket.




NuCanoe Frontier Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor


The simplest and least expensive option is a standard battery-powered trolling motor. Simply drop it on the transom of the Frontier, connect the battery, and away you go!

Popular Motors: MinnKota Endura, MinnKota RipTide (saltwater), Motor Guide R3

Pros: Simple and easy, quiet, inexpensive.

Cons: Less speed and power than other options, heavy battery.

Tips: 24-30lbs Thrust is plenty…45-55lbs Thrust gives you better acceleration and a slightly higher top speed. A 24-30″ shaft is ideal, but a 36″ shaft will work fine too. Use the Transom Motor Plate to protect your NuCanoe. Use the Tiller Extension handle if going solo.


The LEHR 2.5 HP Propane Outboard is an awesome outboard for the Frontier. It is lightweight (37lbs), quiet, and clean (98% less emissions). Plus, it runs on standard propane canisters so fuel is cheap and easy to pack. The LEHR gets about 2.5hrs usage at 2/3 power per canister.

To make the LEHR outboard easy to use on the Frontier, we rigged up a couple additions to the motor to allow full control from the center seat position. Learn all about these modifications in the video below.

Pros: Perfect when you have a long distance from launch to destination. Lightweight, clean power, easy to bring extra fuel, minimal maintenance.

Cons: Not ideal for maneuvering around while fishing.  More expensive, requires a bit of customization.

Tips: The 15″ Shaft version works great.  Use the Tiller Extension to enable center seating position.  Use the Transom Motor Plate to protect your NuCanoe.

Learn more about the LEHR outboard at http://golehr.com/.


Pound for pound, the Torqeedo packs more power than any other motor and is awesome for kayak fishing. Powered by lithium ion batteries, this lightweight motor will push your Frontier around anywhere you want to go. With the transom mount option and foot controls, it is also hands-free.

Pros: Lightweight. Great for both long distances and navigating around your fishing holes.

Cons: Expensive. Doesn’t work while standing.

Tips: A custom motor bracket as shown in the pictures is required.

Torqeedo Motor (1)
Torqeedo Motor (6)
Torqeedo Motor (2)
Torqeedo Motor (7)


Another great option for for hands-free power!  The BassYaks systems are adapted trolling motor from 30-55lbs thrust that use rudder pedals to control the steering and a switch to control speed and direction.  For more, check out this video overview of the BassYaks motor on the Frontier 12

Pros: Great option if you want to use the motor for maneuvering while fishing.  Hands-Free(!), easy to sit in center seating position, quiet, customizable, easy to move in reverse.

Cons: Requires battery; moving parts and many pieces leads to more potential “technical difficulties”; unable to control motor while standing.

Tips: To sit closer to the stern, store battery in the bow. Use the Transom Motor Plate to protect your NuCanoe.

For more details, go to www.bassyaks.com.


The Frontier 12 is rated for up to 2.5HP motor. The ideal shaft length for a gas outboard is 16-17″, so either a 15″ shaft or 20″ shaft works fine.

Pros: Perfect when you have a long distance from launch to destinationMoves the Frontier with ease; no battery required.

Cons: Not ideal for maneuvering around while fishing. Relatively loud; emissions; not always the easiest to control.

Tips: For best performance, ensure your Frontier is trimmed out evenly. This will require using a tiller extension handle to sit in the center if going solo.