June 17, 2021

We are committed to providing the best product possible.  We are also facing rapidly increasing costs for resin, components, and labor that are out of our control.

As a result, we are implementing our planned 2022 Product Changes immediately.


Will feature new & improved Wiring Access Plates + Gaskets and include an All-New UNLIMITED Scupper Plug Set.

MSRP $1699.


Now includes TopLoad Aluminum Tracks!

MSRP $1699.

Frontier 12

 Now includes TopLoad Aluminum Tracks!

MSRP $1599.


Now includes TopLoad Aluminum Tracks!

MSRP $1399.


No changes.

MSRP $999.

If you have pre-paid or placed a deposit for an UNLIMITED, Pursuit, Frontier 12, or F10 prior to June 17th, the prior prices will be honored.  You will not be asked to pay more.

The upgrades on the UNLIMITED will be factory installed beginning in approximately 4 weeks, as soon as the parts are available.  However, all UNLIMITED owners, regardless of when you purchased, will receive the updated Wiring Access Plates + Gaskets and the Scupper Plugs at no charge.   These will be sent to you as soon as we have them available, all you need to do is make you’ve registered your UNLIMITED at www.nucanoe.com/register.

TopLoad Aluminum Tracks will be made available for existing Pursuit, Frontier 12, and F10 owners to purchase as soon as we have sufficient stock on hand.  The upgrade kit will be $100 and include free shipping.  We are not taking orders yet, but we are taking names!  To get on the list to be notified as soon as Aluminum Tracks are available for purchase, complete the form at https://www.nucanoe.com/support/aluminum-tracks/

All NuCanoe kayaks produced and shipped through September 2021 will remain 2021 models with 2021 HINs.

Our focus, now as ever, remains on producing the best possible products and providing the greatest value to NuCanoe owners.  To provide a bit of perspective, at the start of the 2020 season, we lowered our model prices.  The Frontier 12 went from $1599 in 2019, to $1499 in 2020.  Now, with the Fusion Seat and TopLoad Aluminum Tracks, in an inflationary environment, the Frontier 12 is back to $1599, right where it was two years ago.