#2410 – Freedom Track Slider Kit

The NuCanoe Freedom Track Slider Kit helps unlimit the customization possibilites on your NuCanoe kayak so you can mount accessories securely and easily.

#2460 – Foot Pegs

Foot Pegs are a great way to get more power out of your paddle stroke by providing additional bracing points. They easily install in the Freedom Track so you can place them in the optimum position for you.

#4110 – NuCanoe VisiPole

Be visible at all times and in all conditions with the VisiPole. The 48” pole has an orange NuCanoe logo flag and a coast guard approved light. Secures to a Mighty Mount, in the Freedom Track, or in a Rod Tube.

Material:  Nylon webbing
Weight: .5 lbs

#4130 – RotoGrip Paddle Holder

Super low profile, the RotoGrip Paddle Holder installs in Freedom Track and grips the paddle shaft between two soft rollers, securing your paddle quietly and with just the right amount of tension.

#4221 – NuCanoe CellBlok

The CellBlok is upgraded with a Freedom Track on the top surface. The NuCanoe CellBlok also includes an adapter plate to make it compatible with the bow tracks on both the Frontier 12 and Flint.

#4225 – SwitchBlade Transducer Arm

Getting the transducer in and out of the water shouldn’t get in the way of your fishing. Luckily there’s the SwitchBlade Transducer Arm, which makes it easy to mount, deploy, and retrieve.

#4400 – NuCanoe Hawg Trough

Whether you’re gaining tournament points or bragging rights, the official NuCanoe Hawg Trough is an indispensable tool to have when you’re out on the water.

#4300 – Elite Kit

Multiply the functionality of your Dashboard or Console by adding the Elite Kit. Includes RotoGrip paddle holder and Bullwinkle Rod Stager + Hawg Trough Mount.