BHP Ducks Unlimited – Frontier 12 + Hunting Review

BHP Ducks Unlimited – Frontier 12 + Hunting Review

By Jim Tribol from BHP Ducks Unlimited

The 360 mobility on the Frontier’s seats are great as they swivel and that’s perfect for duck hunting and adds versatility. The bungee cords on outside of boat work well to hold paddle. The squared off transom would are ideal for a motor. The wheel kit/transporter was a cinch and just leaving the wheels in the hole keeps them out of the way and you don’t have to hide them in the weeds.

Frontier NuCanoe Waterfowl Hunting Dog

Besides the easy of the dog getting in/out of the boat, the scupper holes in hull help make the water from dog/decoys drain right out. The holes in deck will also fit the special adaptive paddle with spike. Helps keep boat in place when you stick spike thru the hole. The dry box helps secure things, keeping them off the deck.



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