Introducing the NuCanoe BlackPak

Meet the all new NuCanoe BlackPak! Designed in collaboration with YakAttack, the NuCanoe BlackPak is the perfect fit for your gear and fits perfectly in the Frontier and Pursuit. NuCanoe BlackPak Compact Size | Max Gear Space | Integrated Mighty Mounts | Custom Hinges With a compact size that minimizes wind resistance and does not restrict [...]

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Kayak Fly Fishing Skill 4 – Wind Casting

Dealing with wind is a given, but it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying your fly rod.   Two simple adjustments in your cast can help you overcome even a stiff head wind - the one most anglers dread - but if you learn to deal with it, staying down wind of your fish allows you [...]

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Kayak Fly Fishing Skill #3 – Roll Cast Pick-Up

Think of the roll-cast pick-up as an escape plan when you have a mess of line on the water. If you have slack line outside of your rod-tip, it will be very difficult to make a cast. A roll cast is made by placing the line behind you, raising the rod to the upright position [...]

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NuCanoe Slide Mounts – You’re Gonna Need More Gear!

The NuCanoe Slide Mount is your home for everything. Well, just about everything. With 6 screwball ready slots and pre-drilled holes for other gear, you've got a place for your paddle, up to 4 fishing rods, ZookaTubes, Hawg Trough, transducer arm, fish finder display, CellBlok, GoPro, tools, and more. All without adding Mighty Mounts or [...]

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NuCanoe Fly Fishing – Kiwi Style

Gordon Hill is our new favorite New Zealander! Gordon is  a Frontier 12 owner who recently landed  30lb Kingfish (Pacific Yellow Tail) on the fly at the  Great Barrier Island in New Zealand, taking 45 minutes to land it!  Gordon has his Frontier 12 equipped with a Casting Bar and a Max 360 Seat, keeping the deck [...]

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Kayak Fly Fishing Skills #2 – Build a Better Back Cast

Fly casting from a kayak will surely test your casting skills, and most noticeably, the back cast. Because you are much closer to the water, your timing will simply need to be better. A fly rodder can usually get away with a slightly sagging back cast when standing on the deck of a flats boat [...]

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NuCanoe Kiwi Scores 30lb Kingfish on the Fly

Received from Gordy In New Zealand.... First of all let me say how much I love my Frontier 12! It's perfect for the fishing I do (all fly). I saw some ganets diving in a shallow bay. I motored over and saw a gang of 6 Kingies cruising the edge. In New Zealand this is a [...]

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Kayak Fly Fishing Skills – #1 The Pick Up

This skill is perhaps the most important because it is the first move you make. If the pick-up is jerky, the remainder of the cast will likely follow suit. Commonly, the line is “ripped” off the surface, leaving a trail of froth behind.   Start with your rod tip on the ground (or in the [...]

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Pursuit Review/Set-Up

Hi everyone I've been a Pursuit owner since August 1 of this year.  I purchased my kayak on day one of a 30 day fishing vacation that started in Austin Texas.  I used the kayak 25 of those days and almost twice that since then.  The Pursuit has made my fishing experiences more enjoyable, relaxing, [...]

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BHP Ducks Unlimited – Frontier 12 + Hunting Review

By Jim Tribol from BHP Ducks Unlimited The 360 mobility on the Frontier's seats are great as they swivel and that's perfect for duck hunting and adds versatility. The bungee cords on outside of boat work well to hold paddle. The squared off transom would are ideal for a motor. The wheel kit/transporter was a cinch and just leaving [...]

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The Salty River Rat – Pursuit Review

Posted by Joe Davis from Lone Star Kayak Guide on The Salty River Rat blog.   When I first saw the prototype Pursuit I was excited to say the least! This could be the perfect boat for me. It took a bit of persuading but I convinced Rick Wallace over at Angler's Pro Tackle to [...]

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Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing Pursuit Review

 Posted by Steve Gibson, owner of Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing in Sarasota, FL. I've always wanted to design a fishing kayak, but I just don't have that talent. I'll leave that to the folks with that expertise. However, I've paddled quite a few different brands of fishing kayaks over the years, and I've had a few [...]

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Froggy Waters Outdoors – Initial Pursuit Review

- Submitted By Gary Ribet I own Froggy Waters Outdoors, a Kayak Fishing Guide Service based in Concord, NC. We take people out fishing to find the kayak that best suits their needs. I have been asked about the NuCanoe line recently, so I decided to look into it myself. At first glance, the Pursuit looked great. [...]

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360 Pinnacle Seats…only in the Frontier

The 360 Pinnacle Seat for the Frontier sets a new standard for fishing kayaks. Modeled after high-end ergonomic seats, it provides ideal lumbar support for all-day-long comfort, enables full range of motion for paddling and fishing, and is completely breathable.  All that, and 360 Mobility! Always Face the Action Turn your seat, not your kayak, to face [...]

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Danny Devries from My Kind of Fishing on the Frontier 12

By Danny Devries, host of "My Kind of Fishing" on the World Fishing Network I researched fishing kayaks as much as I could to find the perfect kayak for my outdoor adventures. I was looking for a larger kayak that would be stable enough for me to stand up while bass fishing and offered enough [...]

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