Danny Devries from My Kind of Fishing on the Frontier 12

Danny Devries from My Kind of Fishing on the Frontier 12

By Danny Devries, host of “My Kind of Fishing” on the World Fishing Network

I researched fishing kayaks as much as I could to find the perfect kayak for my outdoor adventures. I was looking for a larger kayak that would be stable enough for me to stand up while bass fishing and offered enough room for all my gear when duck hunting. After evlauating all the possibilities, I decided the Frontier 12 as the best fit for me.

So I pulled the trigger and ordered 3 Frontier 12s in Hunter Brown. Upon unwrapping the boat I was pleased to see how well put together it was. It has a dry storage in the front, a slide track system for various mounts in the hull, 4 easy to access handles for transportation, and an area to mount a small outboard motor if desired. It was a little heavier than expected but a lot lighter than other boats of its size. Despite its size with the use of the Transport Cart it loads easily into the back of my truck. Trying to load 3 of these boats was a bit of a challenge due to the overall size of the boats but was still manageable enough for me to load them on my own.

One thing I really have enjoyed about the Frontier 12 is the amount of accessories and options available for the boats. I currently have two tandem boats and one single with the 360 swivel seats, zooka tubes, slide mounts and fishing crate pak. Having all the extra mounts and storage on the boat is extremely important to me, with all my gear and the fact that everything mounts easily on the Freedom Track system is definitely an advantage. The Freedom Track allows me to move the mounting systems around where ever I need for specific fishing adventures whether fly fishing in a stream, camping with my family, or bass fishing on a lake these boats are extremely versatile.

Standing on the boat at first seemed to be a little tricky but after I stood up it was a breeze to stay balanced and move around the boat while casting. I was also surprised when I experienced rough water how well the boat handled the waves! On one particular camping trip my wife took our daughter out on the boat and they loved it! The boat was easy for them to maneuver around the lake and stable enough for the energy of a 5 year old. If you are looking to haul around a ton of gear I would recommend the Frontier 12. I take more gear with me on any given day than the average angler, so I needed a boat that would be large enough to seat me and my family comfortably while still offering the room to carry the proper fishing gear. I love the boat and all the accessories it has to offer and would definitely recommend NuCanoe to the serious outdoorsman!

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