Pursuit Installation

Pursuit Installation2015-09-03T10:27:17+00:00

1. Overview

2. Foam Inserts

3. Rod Tubes & Rod Tip Plate

Video Coming Soon!


  • Install Quad Rings on the ends of the shaft on the Rod Tube Cover Plates
  • After Tubes are connected, Push Rod Tubes back through cutout so cover plate is against deck surface
  • Loosely Zip Tie Rod Tubes to Deck Ring and Use foam spacer to push rod tubes to outsides of hull chamber
  • Secure cover plates with screws, snug but not tight
  • Fully Tighten Zip Ties
  • 4. Gear Vault

    5. Ring Strap

    UPDATE: Use NUC7086 Screws in inserts to install J-Hooks

    6. Freedom Track

    7. Deck Rings

    8. Deck Hardware

    10. Flush Rod Holders

    11. Deck Plate

    12. Drain Plug