Why NuCanoe for Fly Fishing?

  • Clean Open Decks – With minimal gadgets, gizmos, and stuff, NuCanoe kayaks have a deck that is much less susceptible to fly line snags.

  • Best-in-Class Stability – All NuCanoe models are designed to maximize stability, providing you confidence on the water and the ability to stand with worry.

  • Fly Rod & Reel Security – NuCanoe offers great solutions for keep your valuable fly rod & rod safe and secure.  The Internal Rod Tubes on the Pursuit and the Rod Tip Holders on the Frontier, plus the Fly Reel Dock, ensure your rod & reel are secure and protected.

  • Motor Options – If you want to maximize your time fly fishing and spend less time paddling, add a trolling motor, outboard motor, or bow mount trolling motor to your NuCanoe to get where you want to be quickly.

NuCanoe Models for Fly Fishing

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