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Fly fishing is not meant for those sitting on the bottom of a kayak, where visibility is poor, casting is difficult, and fly lines are always snagged. Fly fishing demands an open platform that provides height and stability, enabling you to fish naturally, not compromised.

In a NuCanoe, fly anglers fish without constraint.  Whether standing or seated, the NuCanoe kayaks provide the ideal platform to perfect and practice the art of fly fishing.  No compromises, just more fish.

Only in a NuCanoe…

Best in Class Stability – Be confident and comfortable on the water so you the focus on the fish.

Stand & Cast with Confidence – A 20″ wide deck enables great balance so fly anglers to cast aggressively and fish without limits.  All while standing.

Best in Class Seating – NuCanoe seats provide more functionality and comfort than any other kayak seat.

Clean, Open Deck Prevents Snags – There is no need for a stripping basket in the Frontier.  Just let your line fall to the clean, open deck and it will be ready to fly when you cast.

Elevated Seating Position – NuCanoe Seats provide a elevated seat position, giving you great visibility and leverage for casting.

Customizability – Adjustable seating and accessories allows you to configure your NuCanoe as you like…rigged up, stripped down, or anywhere in between.

Better Visibility & Longer Casts – The height provided by standing or sitting the upright Max 360 Seats means can see more and cast farther.

Go beyond the ordinary. Fish in a NuCanoe!

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Featuring a comfort-redefining multi-height seat, integrated features that don’t get in your way, and a hull that maximizes speed and stability, the Pursuit is perfect for kayak fly fishing enthusiasts.

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Boasting unmatched stability, solo or tandem seating capability, and wide, open customizable deck, the Frontier provides the ultimate fly fishing experience.