Frontier 12 Structural Deck Insert

Frontier 12 Structural Deck Insert2014-01-24T21:50:13+00:00

We are continually working to improve all NuCanoe products as we want every NuCanoe owner to be completely satisfied. Over the past months, we have heard from Frontier 12 owners concerned about the structural strength and integrity of the Cast & Blast Deck.

To address this concern, we developed a modular foam insert that fills the space between the deck floor and the hull, in between the kissoffs. The foam insert transfers the load from standing on the deck directly to the hull, reducing the flex in the deck floor and alleviating the stress on the kissoffs.

Frontier 12 Structural Deck Insert Frontier 12 Structural Deck Insert

This insert is available at no cost to all Frontier 12 owners. As dark colors absorb the most heat, we strongly recommend OD Green and Hunter Brown Frontier owners to take advantage of this offer.

Just complete the form below and we’ll get it on the way!
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Installation Instructions

1. Open the Gear Vault and remove the Hatch Sack.
2. Orient the Foam Insert so the 6″ dimension is the width and the 5-3/8″ dimension is the height. The seams in foam will be vertical.
3. Insert the foam into the Gear Vault Opening. With one hand, force the foam to make the 90 degree bend. Push it in with your other hand.
4. It will be a snug fit, particularly as it passes through start of the deck floor area.
5. Position the Foam Insert so the forward edge is at the first deck rib & kiss-off.