Frontier Angler Packages

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The quickest way to outfit the Frontier is with an Angler Package. The packages include features anglers want and integrate seamlessly into the Frontier to preserve the clean, open deck. Click each boat to see a large hi-res image and get a closer look at the included accessories.

#2010 — Essential Angler Package

Simple solution for keeping your gear organized and withing reach, but out of the way, so you can keep your focus on the fish.

Package Includes: #2430 BlackPak — #2510 Slide Mount — #4300 Slide Mount Elite Kit — #7325 LeverLoc Anchor Trolley

#2020 — Pro Angler Package

For Tournament Anglers & Gear Junkies packing rods and tackle for every scenario…and the Pro Angler package let’s you have it all within reach, and a clean open deck too!

Package Includes: #2430 BlackPak — #2520 Slide Drawer —#4300 Slide Drawer Elite Kit — #4110 VisiPole — #7325 LeverLoc Anchor Trolley

#2030 — Stand Up Angler Package

For Kayak Anglers wanting to stay on your feet and never use your seat.

Package Includes: #2530 Casting Bar — #4131 ToughClaw RotoGrip —  #4043 Zooka Tube — #7325 LeverLoc Anchor Trolley