Frontier Rowing System

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Transform your Frontier 12 into a row boat or mini drift boat with the Frontier Rowing System.  The system is strong enough for the most demanding environments, and prevents undue stress on the hull.

  • Design and Functionality
    Rowing brackets retract and fold down onto the gunwale; oars rest along top of gunwale.  Great for transporting, navigating tight areas, or coming in to a dock.
  • Solo or Tandem
    Set it up solo facing the stern, solo facing the bow, or tandem facing the bow.
  • Quick Installation
    The Rowing System attaches via the Side Handle inserts; it does not require drilling into the hull.  Can be installed or removed in 5-10 minutes.

#6012 – Frontier 12 Rowing System

The modular rowing system converts the Frontier into a rowboat or drift boat. Sliding arms collapse to the gunwale for easy transport and storage. Enables facing forward or backward, and allows tandem use in the Frontier 12. Installs via Side Handle inserts, no drilling required. Aluminum.

For:  Frontier 12
Weight: 8 lbs
Material: Aluminum

MSRP:  $300

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#6020 – 7′ Cataract Oars (Pair)

High performance 7’ Cataract composite one piece oar set. Includes rubber hand grips and oar collars.

For:  Frontier 12
Material: Composite
Weight: 6.5 lbs (pair)

MSRP:  $250

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