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The Frontier & Pursuit can be converted into a stealth hunting craft in a matter of minutes.  When hunting season is over, just remove the hunting accessories and enjoy your Frontier for fishing, paddling, and more.

  • Concealment
    NuCanoe Duck Blinds feature Muddy Water Camo and blend into a wide variety of hunting environments.  Vegetation straps throughout the blind let you dress it up for your unique hunting environment.
  • Functionality
    The Duck Blinds can be used in a variety of ways, and were designed with dogs, decoys, and other gear in mind.  Whether you are hunting out of the Frontier on the water, or using it to get to your favorite hunting location, they will help make your hunt a success.
  • Easy to Use
    The Duck Blinds install or remove in a matter of minutes.  The Layout Blind requires no hardware installation, while the Upright Blind requires one-time installation of pad eyes and footman’s loops.

Layout Waterfowler Package

Frontier 10 – Item # 2050.10
Frontier 12 – Item # 2050.12
Pursuit – Item # 2055

All you need to convert your NuCanoe into the ideal layout boat!  Includes the low profile Duck Blind, Camo Pinnacle Seat Cover, Layout Seat Base (Frontier 12 & F10 only), and a pair of the Shotgun Mounts.

WATCH: Layout Blind Overview Video
SEE: More Layout Blind Images

Product Specs:

Camo:  Muddy Water Camo
Layout Duck Blind Installation Video

Layout Duck Blind

Frontier 10 – Item # 5010
Frontier 12 – Item # 5012
Pursuit – Item # 5015

Low profile Duck Blind for the Frontier 10, Frontier 12, & Pursuit. Consists of bow section, stern section, and two side panels. Features include folding doors for maximum concealment, stern dog pod, motor mount opening, and vegetation straps from bow to stern. Best with kayak style seat or a layout seat. Utilizes existing deck hardware.

WATCH: Layout Blind Overview Video
SEE: More Layout Blind Images

Product Specs:

Camo:  Muddy Water Camo
Weight: 4lbs
Installation Instructions
Layout Duck Blind Installation Video

Frontier 12 Upright Duck Blind

Item # 5014

Upright Duck Blind cover that fits snuggly on the Frontier 12. The blind consists of a bow section with dog pod and pull-up cover, and a stern section that is 30” off the deck floor. Provides great concealment and lots of room for gear. Utilizes Muddy Water Camo pattern.

WATCH: F12 Upright Blind Overview Video
SEE: More Upright Blind Images

Product Specs:

Camo:  Muddy Water Camo
Weight: 5lbs
Installation Instructions
Upright Duck Blind Installation Video

Shotgun + Bow Mounts

Item # 5100

Keep your shotgun or bow secure and within arms reach. The Mounts can be positioned in the Freedom Track or Slide Mounts in a variety of positions, or mounted to the Casting Bar.

Product Specs:

Weight: 1lb

Frontier Layout Seat Base

Item # 5200

Converts the 360 Pinnacle Seat into an ideal layout seat by lowering the seat height by 4.5″ and enabling an extremely reclined seat back. Perfect for use with the Frontier 10 and Frontier 12 Layout Blinds.

WATCH: Frontier Layout Seat Base Video

Product Specs:

Material: Aluminum Tubes; Starboard Cross Beams
Weight: 3lbs

Camo Pinnacle Seat Cover

Item # 5201

Match your Pinnacle Seat to the Duck Blind with the Camo Seat Cover. Easily slips over the Pinnacle Seat Fabric and fastens with webbing and buckles. Perfect for complete concealment on the water.

WATCH: Camo Seat Cover Video

Product Specs:

Camo: Muddy Water Camo
Weight: < 1 lb