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NuCanoe kayaks combines superior stability, great paddling performance, and a spacious design to create a stealth hunting platform. From setting up the decoys to sending the dog out to retrieve your ducks, a NuCanoe will enhance your hunting ability. And when the hunting season ends, take off the blind & decoys and you have an awesome fishing kayak!Only in a NuCanoe…

Safe in Harsh Conditions – Safety is paramount in harsh winter hunting conditions.  NuCanoe kayaks are super stable and can easily be re-entered from the water, meaning you’ll always be safe.

Confidence Inspiring Stability – Ridiculous stability provides confidence:  for shooting straight ahead or to the sides;  for deploying and retrieving decoys; and for dogs jumping into the water and climbing back in the boat.

Ideal Concealment – Bow-to-stern duck blinds provide concealment, and vegetation straps allow you to fully blend into your hunting environment.

Access Hard to Reach Areas – NuCanoe kayaks require only 4″ of depth and 40″ of width to move through the water.  It can launch where other waterfowl boats can’t.  It can get to the areas that other hunters can’t go.

Hunting Versatility –  A customizable, open deck lets you adapt to your hunting environment and conditions with the Layout Blind, Upright Blind, or your own custom camo.

Room for Dogs, Decoys, & Gear – Wide, open decks provides ample room for your dogs, decoys, and gear.

Year Round Potential – Unlike most waterfowl-specific boats, your NuCanoe can be used all year long.

Go beyond the ordinary. Hunt in a NuCanoe!

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Featuring a comfort-redefining multi-height seat, integrated features that don’t get in your way, and a hull that maximizes speed and stability, the Pursuit takes waterfowl hunting to new heights.

Frontier Logo
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Boasting unmatched stability, bow-to-stern blinds for total concealment, and loads of space for decoys and dog, the Frontier allows you to hunt confidently and comfortably, without limits.