ICAST 2017 Recap

ICAST 2017 Recap

The Flint

Igniting the passion of the beginning kayak angler, refueling the fire of experienced anglers looking to get back to the basics, Lighting up lakes and burning down creeks and rivers…It is The Flint, the ultimate tool of survival!

  • Available January 2018
  • MSRP:  $999 (est)

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The F10

The F10 is the most spacious and stable 10′ fishing kayak, and it’s manueverability will blow your mind.  The compact yak is perfect for running the rivers or for small ponds.  It is easy to handle off the water, and fits perfect on a cartop rack or in the bed of a truck.

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The H2Pro Drive is a pedal drive accessory that fits on the Frontier 12 and Pursuit.  It utilizes a track mount pedal crank, flex drive, and transom-mount prop shaft.  The H2ProDrive  is quick, super quiet, has a great turning radius, and is completely modular.

  • Available Sept/Oct 2017
  • MSRP:  $999

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Pursuit Customization

The NuCanoe Pursuit is a high performance and high potential fishing kayak.  The possibilities are endless!  Team NuCanoe’s Romel Labrador walks us through a sweet customized set-up he designed for his Pursuit.


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