Introducing the NuCanoe BlackPak

Introducing the NuCanoe BlackPak

Meet the all new NuCanoe BlackPak! Designed in collaboration with YakAttack, the NuCanoe BlackPak is the perfect fit for your gear and fits perfectly in the Frontier and Pursuit.

NuCanoe BlackPak NuCanoe BlackPak

NuCanoe BlackPak

Compact Size | Max Gear Space | Integrated Mighty Mounts | Custom Hinges

With a compact size that minimizes wind resistance and does not restrict Pinnacle Seat movement, the NuCanoe BlackPak can still fit up to 5 Plano Stowaway Tackles Boxes. The NuCanoe Black integrates our custom hinges for easy opening and access. Mighty Mount connectors add additional functionality to the top, and integrated straps allow the NuCanoe BlackPak to be secured without hindering the lid.

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NuCanoe BlackPak Pursuit NuCanoe BlackPak Pursut

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NuCanoe BlackPak Frontier NuCanoe BlackPak Frontier

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