Kayak Fly Fishing Skill #3 – Roll Cast Pick-Up

Kayak Fly Fishing Skill #3 – Roll Cast Pick-Up

Think of the roll-cast pick-up as an escape plan when you have a mess of line on the water. If you have slack line outside of your rod-tip, it will be very difficult to make a cast. A roll cast is made by placing the line behind you, raising the rod to the upright position and then driving the rod-tip forward in a very straight path.

For a roll cast pick-up, you will not let the line hit the water, but rather allow the line to straighten in front of you and then make a false cast. This is also the way you would execute a “Fly-in-hand” presentation. For an accurate cast, the line must be placed behind you 180 degrees from your target.

NuCanoe Kayak Fly Fishing Skill

Kayak Fly Fishing Skills are presented by Fly Fishing Instructor and NuCanoe Pro Staffer Joe Mahler.  Learn more about Joe at http://www.joemahler.com/.

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