Kayak Fly Fishing Skills #2 – Build a Better Back Cast

Kayak Fly Fishing Skills #2 – Build a Better Back Cast

Fly casting from a kayak will surely test your casting skills, and most noticeably, the back cast. Because you are much closer to the water, your timing will simply need to be better. A fly rodder can usually get away with a slightly sagging back cast when standing on the deck of a flats boat or even wading, but sitting low in a kayak will make you very aware of your shortcomings with every “slap” of the water. (That said, high seat positions and the ability to stand are two reasons why I fly fish in a NuCanoe!)

In general, the back cast is the energy-storing phase of the cast. Most of the power should be applied here. By stopping the rod very briskly in the upright position, you will be sending the line directly behind you with the line unrolling at head-level. Once the line straightens completely the forward stroke begins. Practice your back cast by placing a lawn chair behind you at 30 feet. Now, sit on the ground and make a series of back casts , making sure that the line hits the chair before it touches the ground. If the back cast straightens out at head-level behind you, it should straighten out at head-level in front as well.


Kayak Fly Fishing Skill 2a

Kayak Fly Fishing Skills are presented by Fly Fishing Instructor and NuCanoe Pro Staffer Joe Mahler.  Learn more about Joe at http://www.joemahler.com/.

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