March 1st, 2001|

The most common reason for not getting a proper hook set is that rod tip is in the air and not in the water. In other types of fishing the rod is held at a higher angle (that’s why it is called angling), but because fly line has weight and mass, it will sag and cause slack.

Oftentimes, a strike is not detected and the fly is not moving through the water in the way we would expect. After the stop on the forward cast, the rod tip should be lowered to the surface and not moved until the next cast is made. The fly should be retrieved only by stripping the line – not by moving the tip of the rod. This way, you are moving the fly through the water with no slack and when a strike occurs, you can just make a harder strip to drive the hook home.

Kayak Fly Fishing Skill 5 - Strip Setting

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