Kayak-Style Seats

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Don’t compromise comfort and back support when on the water! The Captain’s Seat and Expedition Seat feature great cushioning and adjustable back support so you can dial in your comfort. For use on Multi-Seat Base only.

  • Great Back Support
    The kayak-style seats feature adjustable back supports that can be dialed in for maximum comfort.
  • Comfortable
    Seat bottom cushions and padded back supports keep you comfortable for hours.
  • Balance and Stability
    The kayak-style seats mount on the Multi-Seat Base and provider a lower seat height, providing optimal balance and stability.

Captain’s Seat

Item # 3010

The Captain’s Seat is your ticket to comfort on the water. The sculpted padding and superior back support will ensure you’ll be feeling great after a long paddle or a full day of fishing.

Product Specs:

Weight: 3lbs

Expedition Seat

Item # 3030

The Expedition Seat conforms to your back to provide good back support and comfort. With less padding than the other seats, it is a more contoured fit. It is great for fishing, paddling, and recreation.

Product Specs:

Weight: 2lbs

Frontier Bench Seat

Item # 3042

The Bench Seat base is a great seat for the occasional passenger or child. Made from Rotomolded polyethylene. Includes Freedom Track hardware.

Product Specs:

Material:  Rotomolded Polyethylene
Weight: 4.5 lbs
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