Outfit your NuCanoe Classic to maximize your on water experience!  All accessories are modular and can be added or removed as desired.

  • Seating
    Increase your comfort with a padded kayak seat that intalls on top of the standard bench seat.
  • Paddles
    Pick your paddle and glide through the water.
  • Transportation
    Get to and from the water with ease.

#3040 – Classic Bench Seat

The bench seat for the NuCanoe Classic 10 & 12. Comes with 2 thumbscrews for securing to the NuCanoe hull.

For: Classic, Frontier 12, Pursuit, and Flint
Weight: 3 lbs
Material: HDPE

#3030 – Expedition Seat

The Expedition Seat conforms to your back to provide good back support and comfort. With less padding than the other seats, it is a more contoured fit. It is great for fishing, paddling, and recreation.

For: Classic, Frontier 12, F10, Pursuit, and Flint
Material: Closed Cell Foam
Weight: 2 lbs

#8070 – 275cm Aluminum Wave Paddle

275cm Aluminum paddle featuring the Wave blade from Cannon Paddles.

For: Classic and Frontier 12
Material: Aluminum Shaft, Inj Molded Plastic Blade
Weight: 42 oz

#2610 – NuCanoe Transport Cart

Make your NuCanoe Classic as easy to get around on land as it is on water. Not only will this cart help you get to and from the water, it’ll make loading your NuCanoe onto a roof rack, truck bed, or trailer a breeze – even when on your own! And if you get stuck atsandbarbar on your adventure, just put the cart back on for an easy portage. The Transport Cart attaches in seconds via the Transom Hole and locks in place with the snap button.

For: Classic, F10, Frontier 12, and Flint
Material: Powder Coated Aluminum
Weight: 6 lbs

#2615 – C-Tug Cart

The C-Tug has a sophisticated style and precision design. It is highly versatile, durable, won’t rust and can carry up to 300lbs. When you’re ready to hit the water, it dismantles for easy stowing.

For: Classic, Frontier 12, F10, Pursuit, and Flint
Material: Inj Molded Plastic
Weight: 7 lbs

#2210 – Classic Swivel Seat Mount

With the Swivel Seat Mount, you can add the Max 360 Seat and turn your fishing world around and around in maximum comfort.

For:  Classic
Material: Marine Starboard
Weight: 3 lbs