Note: Due to exceptionally high demand for the Flint, F10, Frontier 12, Pursuit, and UNLIMTED, we are not able to produce Classic 10s/12s at this time.  We look forward to producing the Classics when our production is able to keep up with demand.

NuCanoe Classic’s unique hybrid design is virtually unsinkable and not tippy, providing comfort for passengers and peace of mind for you. Kids of all ages can paddle it with ease – no technical skill is required. The NuCanoe Classic can be used solo, tandem, or triple, and are great in lakes, rivers, and bays. Best of all, kids are comfortable and confident on NuCanoe boats, ensuring they will have fun, be safe, and enjoy their experience!

Add Your Accessories

No watercraft is as customizable, adaptable, and personal as a NuCanoe. You decide what you want and where you want it. And you are free to change it whenever you like.


Classic 10 – MSRP $699

Classic 12 – MSRP $799

Classic 10 Classic 12
Length: 10′ 12′
Width: 42″ 42″
Capacity: 450 lbs 525 lbs
Draft: 4-6″ 4-6″
Hull Weight: 59 lbs 77 lbs
Max Power: 2 HP or equivalent

Stable and unsinkable

Easy to paddle

Easy to get in and out

Fun for all ages

Dog friendly

Solo, tandem, or triple