NuCanoe Kiwi Scores 30lb Kingfish on the Fly

NuCanoe Kiwi Scores 30lb Kingfish on the Fly

Received from Gordy In New Zealand….

First of all let me say how much I love my Frontier 12! It’s perfect for the fishing I do (all fly).

Gordon Hill - NZ (1.1)

I saw some ganets diving in a shallow bay. I motored over and saw a gang of 6 Kingies cruising the edge. In New Zealand this is a kingfish. In North America it’s called Pacific Yellow tail.  I threw a Wighair streamer at the lead fish and he smashed it. Half his body came out of the water on the take. It took me about 45 mins to land him. Unforgettable.  The Kingfish was 30lbs and caught on the fly.

What’s so great about the NuCanoe, as you know, is its stealth. I never could have gotten close enough to them in a normal boat. This definitely never would have happened without the NuCanoe.

Gordon Hill - NZ (3).JPGGordon Hill - NZ (5) Gordon Hill - NZ (4.a)

The motor is the Honda 2.3.  It’s perfect for my purposes. It’s air cooled so I don’t have to fart around with re- circing etc.  It’s light, reliable and pushes me along really well.  The only down side is it just barely fits over the NuCanoe transom. I can’t use the transom plate as its way to thick ( for this motor anyway).  I’m using some stainless steel flashing instead to protect the transom. I got the idea off the NuCanoe forum.

Cheers and thanks a million for the NuCanoe!!!!!


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