Why Outboard Power?

  • Cover lots of water…fast! – With an Outboard Motor, your range expands and so does your time spent fishing.  Plus, wind or current won’t ruin your day.

  • True Kayak Fishing Experience – Once you arrive at your fishing location, shut off the motor and enjoy a true kayak fishing experience with the awesome stability and clean open deck in your NuCanoe.

  • Easy to Operate – The Honda 2.3 Motor is surprisingly easy to use on all NuCanoe models, just connect the Tiller Handle, start it up, and away you go.

  • Great Maneuverability & Control – While an outboard is best for getting you from Point A to Point B, you’ll be impressed on how easy it is to manuver and navigate, even in tight spaces.

NuCanoe Models + Outboards

NuCanoe Kayaks + Honda 2.3 Outboard

Required/Recommended Accessories

Outboard Motor Bracket

Flint – Item #7101      |      F10 & Frontier 12 – Item #7102      |      Pursuit – Item #7103

Tiller Extension

Item #7110 – U-Joint Tiller Extension Handle

Connect with TEAM NU

These Team NU members are using Outboards on their NuCanoe kayaks.  Follow them to learn more, and reach out if you have questions you’d like to ask:

River Wolf

Acworth GA
Flint, F10, & Frontier 12
Honda 2.3hp Outboard

Outboard Motor FAQ

Outboard Motor Setups