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Trick out your Pursuit or Frontier with these great outfitting options.  All are modular and can be added, relocated, or moved with ease.

  • Customize
    These outfitting options let you customize your Pursuit or Frontier for your unique needs.
  • Storage!
    The BlackPak Crate Pak provides lots of storage space, and is a great place to store tackle trays and tools.
  • DIY Projects
    The Slider Kit provides the hardware needed to make your own Freedom Track Accessories.

Freedom Track Slider Kit

Item # 2410

Add just about anything to the Freedom Track with the Slider Kit. The stainless steel slider has a 1.75” ¼-20 stud and works with items up to 1.25” thick. Includes a pair, one for each side of the track.  Mighty Knobs also included.

Product Specs:

Weight: 4 oz

NuCanoe BlackPak

BlackPak Crate Pak

Item # 2430

The BlackPak Crate Pack is the ideal tackle storage solution. It has 3 Rod Tubes, Mighty Bolt ready top rails and features durable Marine Starboard construction. Fits perfectly in the Crate Space. Includes Crate Space Buckle.

WATCH: NuCanoe BlackPak Video

Product Specs:

Dimensions: 12″Lg X 14″Wd X 9″Ht
Weight: 8 lbs

Foot Pegs

Item # 2460

Designed for the Frontier and Pursuit – the Foot Pegs install in the Freedom Track so you can place them in the optimum position for you.

Product Specs:

Weight: 12oz

Ring Straps

Item # 2501

The elastic rubber Ring Straps can be installed on the Pursuit Gunwale for maximum security on your rods & paddles.  Also great for installing on the Frontier and Pursuit for securing gear in various locations.

Product Specs:

Weight: 6 oz

Track Strap

Item # 2503

The Track Strap secures a crate pack, cooler, tackle box or other items in the bow or stern crate space.

Product Specs:

Weight: 3 oz

Visipole w/ NuCanoe Flag

Item # 4110

Be visible at all times and in all conditions with the VisiPole. The 48” pole has an orange NuCanoe logo flag and a coast guard approved light. Secures to a Mighty Mount, in the Freedom Track, or in a Rod Tube.

Product Specs:

Weight: 1 lbs

RotoGrip Paddle Holder

Item # 4130

Super low profile, the Rotogrip Paddle Holder installs in Freedom Track and grips the paddle shaft between two soft rollers, securing your paddle quietly and with just the right amount of tension.

Product Specs:

Weight: 2 oz

ToughClaw RotoGrip Paddle Holder

Item # 4131

The versatility of the Tough Claw and ease of the RotoGrip Paddle Holder have been combined for a super handy paddle holder that can be attached to your Casting Bar so your paddle is right where you need it.

Product Specs:

Weight: 5.5 oz

Track Mount Bullwinkle

Item # 4140

The Bullwinkle functions as a great tool for having multiple rods staged and ready to use. For tournament anglers the Bullwinkle features a slot designed to hold the Hawg Trough Measuring Board.

Product Specs:

Weight: 4.6 oz

Transducer Arm Mount w/ Screwball

Item # 4210

Install the Transducer Arm via the Freedom Track, Mighty Mount or Slide Mount to complete your Fish Finder set up.

Product Specs:

Weight: 12.5 oz


Item # 4220

Fish Finder installation on kayaks just got smarter! The CellBlok is a track mounted battery box and its top surface serves as a mounting platform for the display and transducer deployment arm. No more drilling holes in your kayak or routing wires!

Product Specs:

Weight: 3 lbs