Flint Deck Plate Retrofit

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Flint Owners-

The Deck Plate used on the Flints produced prior to June 15th, 2018 may not seal properly.  If you have had water get into your hull chamber, please request a redesigned Deck Plate for you Flint via the following form.


The NuCanoe Team

Deck Plate Replacement Request

Deck Plate Replacement Instructions

Follow this steps to help prevent water from accessing the Flint hull chamber via the Deck Plate.

Step #1 – Test Deck Plate Cover

  • The Deck Plate cover was recently redesigned to provide a better seal. The new removable cover is compatible with the prior outer rim
  • Install new Cover
    • Remove current Deck Plate cover
    • Install and tighten new Deck Plate cover
    • Cut flush old screw hole locations
    • Install Sealing Tape on Deck Plate, laying flat on rim
    • Install new Deck Plate, rotate cover ½” from old holes, tighten to #2 Torque Setting
  •  Evaluation
    • If this resolves the leaking issue, you are done!
    • If not, proceed to Step #2

Step #2 – Replace Deck Plate Rim using Sealing Tape

  • Tools Required
    • Drill with Phillips Bit
    • Knife
  • Video 
    • See video, follow sames steps as Pursuit
  • Steps
    • Unscrew Deck Plate
    • Remove Excess Sealant or Old Gasket
    • Cut flush old screw hole
    • Install Sealing Tape on Deck Plate
    • Install new Deck Plate, with screw holes 1/2″ from prior hole locations
    • Press firmly
    • Reinstall screws, starting at bottom, then stop, the criss cross.
    • Tighten to #2 Torque Setting

Step #2 – Replacing the Deck Plate