Pursuit Solutions Kit Installation

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Thank you for requesting the Pursuit Solutions Kit.  We apologize for any issues you may have experienced with water accessing your hull chamber, and we sincerely hope and believe this will resolve them.

Below you will find instructions for installing the retrofit kit and walk-through videos for each area.

If you have any questions or further issues, please contact me at blake@nucanoe.com.


Blake Young
NuCanoe Inc.

Gear Vault Cover

Follow this steps to help prevent water from entering the Pursuit hull chamber via the Gear Vault.

  • Parts – Hardware Pack #1
    • ¼” Drill Bit
    • 8 x Bonded Sealing Washers
  • Tools Required
    • Drill with Phillips Bit
    • 3/8″ Wrench
  • Steps
    • Gear Vault Cover
      • Remove screws connecting hinge & gear vault cover with drill and 3/8” wrench
      • Drill out the 4 holes in cover with ¼” drill bit
      • Install Bonded Sealing Washers between hinge and cover, rubber size towards GVC
      • Reconnect using locknuts
    • Gear Vault Toggles
      • Remove Locknuts and washers on 4 x Gear Vault Toggles
      • Install Bonded Sealing washers, rubber side up, on screws
      • Refasten using locknuts, tighten to snug but able to turn
    • Trim Seal
      • Remove
      • Reinstall starting 1” off center on side end, press fit around cover

Installation Walk Through Video

Internal Rod Tubes

Follow this steps to prevent the internal rod tubes from disconnecting and enabling water to enter the hull chamber.

  • Parts – Hardware Pack #2
    • 2 x 15” Zip Ties
    • 4 x Push in Rivet
    • 1/8” Drill bit
  • Tools Required
    • Drill with Phillips Bit
    • Wire cutters or knife
  • Steps
    • Cut Zip Ties holding rod tubes
    • Remove Screws on Rod Tube Cover Plates
    • Pull out tubes & cover plate 4-6”
    • Fully insert rod tubes on Rod Tube Cover Plate
    • Drill 1/8” hole about 15 degrees off the top and ¼” from the end of tube
    • Insert Push In Rivet
    • Cut off excess using wire cutter or other cutting tool
    • Push Forward to installation location
    • Lineup Cover Plate with Screw holes and reinstall screws using lowest Torque Setting
    • Reconnect zip ties and tighten to snug

Installation Walk Through Video

Deck Plate

Follow this steps to help prevent water from accessing the Pursuit hull chamber via the Deck Plate.

  • Parts – Hardware Pack #3
    • Deck Plate
    • Gasket Sealing Tape
  • Tools Required
    • Drill with Phillips Bit
    • Knife
  • Steps
    • Unscrew Deck Plate
    • Remove Excess Sealant or Old Gasket
    • Cut flush old screw hole
    • Install Sealing Tape on Deck Plate
    • Install new Deck Plate, with screw holes 1/2″ from prior hole locations
    • Press firmly
    • Reinstall screws, starting at bottom, then stop, the criss cross.
    • Tighten to #2 Torque Setting

Installation Walk Through Video