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NuCanoe is Dealer Committed.

That is a statement we believe in and strive to live up to.

And it is a statement we want you to believe in and say with confidence.

These Six Commitments we are making to NuCanoe Dealers, present and future, will be expanded into specific guidelines and incorporated into our Programs and Policies for the 2019 Season.

If you are going to be at iCast or PaddleSports Retailer, please Book an Appointment so we can discuss this in person.   Otherwise, we can review via phone after our 2019 Dealer Program is released in mid-July.    If you are looking to join the NuCanoe Team, please complete our New Dealer Application and I’ll be in touch!


Blake Young, Owner/President, NuCanoe Inc.

#1 – Committed to Clean Distribution Channels & Territories

Market our products and invest in our brand with confidence, knowing the territory established for your store is secure, and that we will not sell our kayaks direct on Amazon, or through online discounters, box stores, or national chain stores.

#2 – Committed to No Surprises

We won’t shift course in the middles of the year, and we won’t change the rules after your pre-season orders ship. If changes to programs or policies are required in-season, we will give you advance notice, so you can prepare and adjust accordingly.

#3 – Committed to Building an Aligned Team

We’re building a Dealer Network that is focused on building the NuCanoe brand, delivering value to customers, and providing great service, so we’ll all be moving forward. Together.

Let’s Plan for Mutual Success


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