Deck The Flint

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Fuel the Fire.  Fan the Flames.  Drive Your Flint Sales.

#DeckTheFlint Promotion Details

1.   NuCanoe Dealers are authorized to include a FREE Flint Decking Kit with each 2018 Flint sold beginning July 16th.

2.  To maximize reach and impact, participating NuCanoe Dealers are required to:

  • Install Flint Decking Kits on in-store display and demo Flints
  • Post pictures and/or video to Social Media showing the Flint with Decking Kit installed and the hashtag #DeckTheFlint.

3.  NuCanoe will discount the Dealer List Price on the Flint Decking Kits to $5 for all 2018 Model Flints in stock as of July 16th or shipped from July 16th to September 30th.

Use the form below to place your INITIAL or FOLLOW-ON Decking Kit Order under this promotion.


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