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NuCanoe EPS is the best all-around system for powering your kayak.

All-Day run time.  Great speed.  Sneaky Quiet.   Hand or Foot Steering.  Durable & Reliable.  Great value.

This is Electric Propulsion Simplified.  And Maximized!

NuCanoe EPS is Electric Propulsion, Simplified.

Super simple to setup, install, and use, NuCanoe EPS brings all the benefits of electric propulsion without the complications or hassles.

NuCanoe EPS features the Newport Vessels NK-180 motor and our QuickConnect system.  QuickConnect makes mounting easier than ever, more secure, and allow interchangeability between EPS, Torqeedo, Rudder, and the PIVOT Drive.  A complete NuCanoe EPS Setup will consist of the NuCanoe EPS Motor and model-specific QuickConnect Mounting & Control Kit with either Hand Steering or Foot Steering.

NuCanoe Models + EPS

  • Eps F Side | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe
  • Eps Flint Side | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe
  • Eps Frontier Side | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe
  • Eps Pursuit Side | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe
  • Eps Utld Sidepb | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

NuCanoe EPS – $1349

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Foot Steering

Electronic Throttle

Retract from Your Seat

Hand Steering Option

QuickConnect Motor Mount

Simple to Remove


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EPS – Standard Features

  • 1.8hp Equivalent Motor Unit

  • Forward & Reverse

  • Freshwater AND Saltwater

  • Digital Speed Controller w/ Display

  • Emergency Stop Key

QC Mount & Control Kit Includes:

  • #722x – QC Transom Assembly – Model Specific

  • #7210 – QC Motor Mount

  • #7241 – Throttle Mount

  • #7251 – Motor Retract Cord

  • FOOT or HAND Steering Kit

EPS Powered By NEWPORT Vessels Setups by Model

Model Interchangeability

NuCanoe EPS is easily swapped between NuCanoe models.  Once you have the NuCanoe EPS on one model, you’ll just need to add the model Specific QC Transom Assembly and Steering Cable (if different)  for the model you are swapping to.  If your steering cable length is different, adding a 2nd Steering Handle makes it easier to swap.  You may also need to add another #7250 Retract Cord Kit.

QC Transom Assembly

  • F10 – #7220 QC Transom Assembly

  • Flint – #7221 QC Transom Assembly

  • Frontier 12 – #7222 QC Transom Assembly

  • Pursuit – #7225 QC Transom Assembly

  • UNLIMITED – #7226 QC Transom Assembly

Steering Cable

  • F10 – #7234 4′ Steering Cable

  • Flint – #7235 5′ Steering Cable

  • Frontier 12 – #7235 5′ Steering Cable

  • Pursuit – #7236 6′ Steering Cable

  • UNLIMITED – #7235 5′ Steering Cable