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#2430 – NuCanoe BlackPak

The NuCanoe BlackPak is the ideal gear & rod storage solution.  Secure your tackle and gear inside the BlackPak – up to 5 Plano 3700 Series Boxes. It has 3 Rod Tubes, 2 Mighty-Mounts on the top, and features NuCanoe custom hinges for easy opening and closing.  Made of durable Marine Starboard construction. Fits perfectly in the Crate Space.

For:  F10, Frontier 12, Pursuit, and Flint
Weight: 8 lbs
Material: 1/4″ Marine Starboard
Dimensions: 12″Lg X 14″Wd X 9″Ht

MSRP:  $140

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#2515 – Pursuit Slide Mount

Secure your choice of mounts & gear to the Slide Mount – just Insert-Slide-Twist – and then position it right where you want it on the Freedom Track. Pre-drilled slots fit Mighty Bolts, Ram, Scotty, & Yak Attack mounts. Includes 4” Risers & Freedom Track Sliders.

For:  Pursuit
Material: Marine Starboard
Weight: 2 lbs

MSRP:  $50

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#2525 – Pursuit Slide Drawer

The Slide Drawer fits in the bow Crate Space and provides awesome storage for tackle and small gear you want within arm’s reach. 18″ Freedom Track on top surface is perfect for mounting accessories. Drawer fits 1 3700 or 2 3600 Plano Stowaway boxes.

For:  Pursuit
Material: Marine Starboard
Weight: 5 lbs

MSRP:  $135

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#4300 – Elite Kit for Slide Drawer + Slide Mount

The perfect companion to the Slide Drawer or Slide Mount, the Elite Kit includes a BulWinkle Rod Stager and RotoGrip Paddle Holder.

For:  Frontier 12, F10, Pursuit, and Flint
Material: Marine Starboard + Inj Molded Plastic
Weight: 8 oz

MSRP:  $45

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