Pro Outfitting Kit

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The Deluxe Outfitting Kit is the quickest and easiest way to trick out your Pursuit!

  • Easy Outfitting With the Mighty Mounts and Ring Straps, it’ll be even easier to have your favorite gear and keep it secure.
  • Form & Function  The Outfitting Kit makes your Pursuit even more eye-catching and funcational.
  • Ala Carte Option  All items in the Deluxe Outfitting Kit are also sold separately.

Crate Space Deck Pads (Bow & Stern)

Item # 2500

Provide great grip in the bow and stern crate space areas for a tackle box, crate pack, cooler and dampen sound transfer to the hull.

Product Specs:

Weight: 5.5 oz

Ring Strap (2x)

Item # 2501

The two Ring Straps in the rear paddle & rod storage area allow you to firmly lock down those items for extended paddling or travel through rough water.

Product Specs:

Weight: 3 oz

Deck Plate Bag

Item # 2502

Keep small items and gear safe and secure in the Deck Plate Storage Bag.

Product Specs:

Weight: 3 oz

Track Strap

Item # 2503

The Track Strap secures a crate pack, cooler, tackle box or other items in the bow or stern crate space.

Product Specs:

Weight: 3 oz

Mighty Mount (2x)

Item # 4005

The Mighty Mount is the most versatile mount available. Low profile and with a small footprint, it can be installed in locations that other mounts simply will not fit. It can be used as a standalone mount, installed directly on the Frontier’s gunwale or installed on the Slide Mount.  Works with the Screwballs and other Mighty-Bolt devices.

Product Specs:

Weight: 4 oz
Mighty Mount Installation