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The Slide Drawer secures in the bow track section of the Pursuit and provides awesome storage for tackle and small gear you want within reach.

  • Mount Up
    The top of the Slide Drawer is an ideal mounting surface and includes an 18” track for accessories.
  • Safe + Secure
    Quickly and easily store gear in the drawer to keep it safe and secure.

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Pursuit Slide Drawer

Pursuit Slide Drawer

Pursuit Slide Drawer

Item # 2525

Store your choice of gear and utilize the 18″ of track on top for additional accessories. Drawer fits red Plano boxes.

Product Specs:

Material: Marine Starboard
Weight: 6lbs

Slide Drawer Elite Kit

Item # 4300

Includes the Bullwinkle and RotoGrip Paddle Holder.

Product Specs:

Material: Plastic / Starboard
Weight: 1lb