Pursuit Review/Set-Up

Pursuit Review/Set-Up

Hi everyone I’ve been a Pursuit owner since August 1 of this year.  I purchased my kayak on day one of a 30 day fishing vacation that started in Austin Texas.  I used the kayak 25 of those days and almost twice that since then.  The Pursuit has made my fishing experiences more enjoyable, relaxing, efficient, and comfortable due to its design.   Its the perfect mix of speed, stability, functionality, and looks.   Yes this is a good looking kayak on top of everything else.

Since I first started to use my Pursuit its gone through many different set-ups and configurations that have led me to the final configuration that I use today.  Here are some photos that I would like to explain what I have done to my Pursuit to make it mine.  I like to use a 20 qt cooler and a live well for bait which I prefer to be behind the seat for convenience.  To do this I took my old fish cleaning cutting board and cut a couple angles on a table saw, drilled some  holes to attached it to the tracks and then screwed on two Yeti cooler cleats to strap the cooler down when bay fishing some rougher water.   Raising the cooler up on the platform also allows for easier access when needing to get drinks or food out.


I also wanted to be able to keep things quick when loading and unloading the kayak so I created a quick way to attach my crates to the kayak without loose bungees or tie-downs.  I took regular stainless screw eyes you get from Yak Attack and grinded off a half inch sections to hook the bungee into quickly.   I also took a 5 gallon bucket and cut it down to fit in the crate to use as my live well with a battery powered aerator.  The bungees stay attached to the crate when unhooking it for removal.

IMG_2450 IMG_2451 IMG_2452 IMG_2453

I added a crate up front with the same attachment method to hold my cast net, anchor, drift sock, and other accessories.  And by the way, the one thing I needed in a kayak was to be able to throw a cast net from it and the Pursuit works perfect for this!  I added lids to my crates as you can see so I could lock things in just encase of a tip over.

IMG_2457 IMG_2458 IMG_2459

In some of the previous pictures you can see I added a mat to the deck of the kayak.  I just used some old floor mats I bought from Costco that come in two foot squares and you lock them together.  I did this to stop my cast net or tackle from making loud noises and scaring the fish off.  It also adds extra comfort fishing barefoot or kneeling over to grab something out of my front crate.  There is a good bit of open deck space that requires some moving to reach all the way across, and that is a good thing!

FullSizeRenderIMG_2455 IMG_2456

I did some personalizing to my Pursuit which made the icing on the cake so to speak.  There isnt anything I am unhappy about with my purchase of the Pursuit by Nucanoe. I would more then recommend this kayak to anyone else.

The seat is hands down the most comfortable seat on the market, I’ve tried them all, I rented an few big name brands before making my purchase.  There absolutely is NOT a more comfortable seat on any kayak out there, not any other brand.  I will say there is nothing better then being able to fish longer because your comfortable.  Or getting off the water and not having any back pain to complain about!

Plenty of my fishing trips total around 5-6 miles of actually kayaking and the Pursuit is built streamlined enough, as well as comfortable enough to make those long trips quick and still quit stable.  There was a lot of thought that went into this kayak for it to be what I consider one of the top kayaks out there.  For me there isn’t another one I would take over this one, it fully fits what I was looking for in a kayak.

The simplicity or minimalism of the kayak layout is what allows for so much personalizing to be done.  But dont let that be confused with design, the design of this kayak was obviously very well thought out, and is in no way minimal or simplistic.  There is no need for a rudder on this kayak which has not been mentioned in any other posts I noticed so I want to bring that to attention.  The Pursuit tracks amazing and glides through the water with ease.  The design of the channeling in the bottom functions to act as a built in rudder as well as adding stabilization to the kayak.  Even with such the Pursuit can turn on a time when needed, and steering is an ease.

For stability, wow, I walk all over this kayak while fishing.  Both crates that I tie down the kayak are used as casting platforms.  Throwing a 7′ cast net is no problem from the Pursuit.  I can turn around and move on this kayak with ease and confidence, sit and stand no assist bar needed.  I can jump out of the kayak when I want to swim and get back in with ease.  I can hang my feet over the side in the water while fishing and not tip the kayak.

There is just too many good things to say about the Pursuit, it can fit so many needs of each individual while still accomplishing three main things kayaks need to accomplish.  Speed, stability, and tracking.  The Pursuit has the perfect mix of these and in turn makes for an amazing kayak!

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