Owner’s Guide

Owner’s Guide2016-03-08T09:26:27+00:00

Congratulations on becoming a NuCanoe owner!

NuCanoe boats are designed to provide years of enjoyment on the water for fishing, hunting, paddling, rowing, crabbing, diving, or just anything else you choose to do. Our hope is that you will enjoy using your NuCanoe boat for a long time.

We strive to make sure every NuCanoe owner is completely satisfied; please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Contact us by phone (888.226.6310) or email (info@nucanoe.com).

Before you launch on your maiden voyage, we recommend doing the following:

1. Register your NuCanoe at www.nucanoe.com/register to ensure warranty coverage and stay up-to-date on all things NuCanoe.
2. Download the NuCanoe Owner’s Guide
3. Check out the NuCanoe Forum and NuCanoe Owner’s Club on FaceBook
4. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram