Fishing in a kayak with your spouse, child, or friend is an awesome experience…if you have the right tandem fishing kayak! You’ll need plenty of stability, lots of room for legs and gear, and the ability to customize your kayak to fit you and your companion. Bottom line, for the best tandem kayak fishing experience, you need a NuCanoe Frontier 12! Here’s why:

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The Frontier’s legendary stability ensures you are your companion are comfortable, confident, and able to fish with limits, whether seated or standing.

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The Freedom Track enables seats and accessories to be positioned where they fit you best, and can be adjusted on the fly. Plus, if you want to go solo, just remove the second seat, reposition the remaining seat, and away you go!

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Lots of Room

With a 20″ wide, open deck floor, and upright seating, you have ample space for legs and your gear. Plus, the Frontier 12 has a 650lb capacity.

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Spacious Tandem Fishing Kayak[/nimbus_column] [nimbus_column column_number=”2″]

360 Seating

The Frontier 12 is the only tandem fishing kayak with 360 degree seating, enabling you to face any direction and maximize your fishing opportunities.

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Tandem fishing is just one more reason why the NuCanoe Frontier 12 is the Ultimate Fishing Kayak.
No more compromises, just more fish. And more fun!