2017 Team NuCanoe

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Team NuCanoe is a select group of NuCanoe owners. They love their NuCanoe boat(s) and enjoy sharing their knowledge, experience, & enthusiasm with others. Team NuCanoe members are sponsored by their local dealer and partner with them on all things NuCanoe.

We’ve gathered them together so they can be resource for you. Read their stories. Learn their secrets. Ask them questions. Better yet, join them on the water!

Team NuCanoe

Allan Ragsdale

Thomaston, GA

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Team NuCanoe

Terrell Hester

San Antonio, TX

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Team NuCanoe

Ed Wagner

Sylvania, OH

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Team NuCanoe

Marcus Coats

Malvern, AR

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Team NuCanoe

Mylo Markovich

Greensburg, PA

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Team NuCanoe

Cole Asinas

Merrill, WI

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Team NuCanoe

Weemo Weems

Liberty Hill, TX

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Team NuCanoe

Gary Ribet

Danbury, NC

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Team NuCanoe

Jordan May

Stuart, FL

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Team NuCanoe

Kevin McCullough

Mt. Juliet, TN

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Team NuCanoe

Daniel Gates

League City, TX

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Team NuCanoe

Dave Krzeszowiec

Berlin, CT

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Team NuCanoe

Patrick Randolph

Charleston, WV

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Team NuCanoe

Bill DeJoseph

Wampum, PA

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Team NuCanoe

Matthew Spencer

Clarksville, TN

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Team NuCanoe

Greg Underdahl

Buffalo, MN

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Team NuCanoe

Ty Roth

Seminole, FL

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Team NuCanoe

Mark Savidge

Mount Ephraim, NJ

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Team NuCanoe

Joe Sheetz

Bell Buckle, TN

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Team NuCanoe

Romel Labrador

Manteca, CA

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Team NuCanoe

Kenny Ratliff

Lagrange, KY

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