The Art of Fly Fishing from a Frontier 10 – by James Belekanich

The Art of Fly Fishing from a Frontier 10 – by James Belekanich

James Belekanich of Hitch N Fish details his fly fishing adventure using the NuCanoe Frontier 10 for the first time.

NuCanoe Frontier 10 stability fly fishing

Evan and I took the short drive up to Sherman, TX a few Sunday’s ago to fish a small lake a friend of mine recommended. We loaded up and hit 75 north before sunrise and arrived at the lake a little after 6am. Fall weather was in the air as temperatures were steady in the upper 50’s all morning. A chilly but welcoming change. The high for the day didn’t break 80. A dense fog dominated the lake early on, making it very difficult to see. Winds were calm for most of the day.

NuCanoe Frontier 10 fly fishing kayak fishing

The F10 transport from Tacoma bed to the water’s edge was easy. A tad heavy but the transport cart definitely came in handy. Glad I bought it. Once settled, we quickly started fishing the tall weedlines with poppers. I was throwing my 6 wt Loop. One of the main reasons I chose the Frontier 10 was for its stability and ease of fly fishing while standing. Normally, I would throw my first cast seated but not today. I confidently stood and fly fished the entire day. I haven’t mastered walking around yet but that will come with time.

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