February 5th, 2015|

Want to get hyped about duck hunting from a NuCanoe Frontier? Look no further than this awesome video from our friends at Cupped Addiction! From setting up the Layout Duck Blind to stand-up paddling in inches of water and more – this video shows how you can hunt, your way, in a NuCanoe!

Here’s an excerpt from the Cupped Addiction bio:

“We are a group of young adventurous water fowlers and anglers who don’t see one another as outdoor partners – we’re more than that. We depend on and lean on each other for knowledge and learning experience in hunting or fishing. We continually learn more about waterfowl every season despite weather conditions and crowded hunting grounds. We have more than our fair share of failures and slow days but it drives us to make ourselves better hunters. For us, the hunt is more than harvesting birds every trip. We strive to find new areas and do things that are uncommon and that’s how we got into hunting with kayaks. We continually found areas that had already been hunted or had some sign hunters had been there. We started using kayaks to reach beyond the known hunting spots, the places no has been to and we are constantly mapping, scouting, and covering ground to find new areas we can hunt. We realize we have the potential to bring a new type of element into the waterfowl industry and where new roads are made people will be interested and follow.”