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NuCanoe kayaks combines superior stability, a spacious design, great on-water performance, and multiple motor options to create a stealth hunting platform. From accessing hard to reach areas to transporting decoys, dogs, & gear to hauling out your buck, a NuCanoe kayak will UNLIMIT your hunt. And when the hunting season ends, take off the blind & decoys and you have an awesome fishing kayak!  Only in a NuCanoe…

Why Hunt in a NuCanoe?

Access Hard to Reach Areas – NuCanoe kayaks require only 4″ of depth and 40″ of width to move through the water.  It can launch where other waterfowl boats can’t.  It can get to the areas that other hunters can’t go.

Safe in Harsh Conditions – Safety is paramount in harsh winter hunting conditions.  NuCanoe kayaks are super stable and can easily be re-entered from the water, meaning you’ll always be safe.

Hunting Versatility –  A customizable, open deck lets you adapt to your hunting environment and conditions with the Layout Blind, Upright Blind, or your own custom camo.

Room for Dogs, Decoys, & Gear – Wide, open decks provides ample room for your dogs, decoys, and gear.

Confidence Inspiring Stability – Ridiculous stability provides confidence:  for shooting straight ahead or to the sides;  for deploying and retrieving decoys; and for dogs jumping into the water and climbing back in the boat.

Ideal Concealment – Bow-to-stern duck blinds provide concealment, and vegetation straps allow you to fully blend into your hunting environment.

Motor-Ready – Don’t want to paddle?  Add a transom or bow mount motor to get to your hunting spot with ease.

Year Round Potential – Unlike most waterfowl-specific boats, your NuCanoe can be used all year long.

Punisher Waterfowl |Grassing in a blind

Punisher Waterfowl – January 6, 2022

SEEK ONE | RIVER BUCK In TENNESSEE!! (Poacher Encounter)

SEEK ONE – December 20, 2021

How to Stay Mobile and Notch Your Next Deer Tag

Brodie Swisher on – October, 2021

Moss Mobile Kayak | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

If the property you’re hunting includes creeks or rivers, you may consider the mobility a kayak provides. Better kayaks have weight tolerances that allow you to carry all your gear, and even a deer or two when you score. They are incredibly quiet for a super stealthy access. Deer will never know you’re coming when hunting by kayak.. READ MORE


Brodie Swisher of – June 4, 2021

Brody Swisher Kayaking For Deer | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

Regardless of whether you’re hunting early season, or the middle of the rut, a long walk to the tree stand will typically leave you soaked in sweat. It may be no big deal at first, but as you climb into your stand and cool off, those sweaty clothes soon leave you cold and shivering. It’s a bad place to be. Hunting by kayak is much easier on the body. It delivers a low-impact commute to your stand that allows you to arrive without the excessive physical strain and sweat that comes with it… READ MORE

How to Beat the Crowds in the Public-Land Whitetail Woods

Brodie Swisher of – July 13, 2021

Brodie October Buck | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

I also use a kayak or boat to slip into hard-to-reach places (and sometimes throw the bike in the boat if I need to go in further once I’m ashore). There are a lot of public venues that are a mix of lakes and islands and large tracts of land. A majority of hunters are going to stick to those big parcels, but you can certainly find deer in places that require a boat ride…

The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Spring Squirrels

Brodie Swisher of – June 4, 2021

Rembo Squirrels | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

You won’t find squirrels in the treetops cutting on hickory nuts just yet. Rather, they’ll be feeding on soft mast food sources, buds, berries, or on the ground, searching for leftover nuts. Key in on these potential food sources near squirrel dens or nests, particularly near a water source, and you should have plenty of action…READ MORE

Tools for Getting Your Deer out of the Woods

Brodie Swisher of – March 12, 2021

Hunting | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

When you’re hunting near water access, there’s no better way to get your deer out of the woods than by boat. Loading-hauling kayaks are the perfect option as they allow you to get into some of the tightest hunting spots, via shallow water entry, yet can haul some impressive loads.

The NuCanoe Unlimited and Nucanoe Frontier 12 can handle loads over 600 pounds, easily floating you and your gear, as well as a deer – or two. Read More

Kayak Hunting | Parker’s Huge Kentucky Public Lands Buck!

Southern Ground – November 17, 2020

Best Kayaks for Bowhunting

Brodie Swisher of – August 20, 2020

Kayak Feature | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

Deer hunters across the country are discovering the benefits of hunting from a kayak. The ability to access low-pressure properties and get away from the crowds makes these little vessels hard to beat.

But the question always comes up, “What kind of kayak do I need for hunting?”  READ MORE!

Scouting Public Land Whitetail Access with a Kayak

Brodie Swisher – October 16, 2020

Bow Hunting Public Land Whitetails

Southern Ground – October 15, 2020

Parker’s Giant Buck with a Bow | Kayak Hunting

Southern Ground – August 12, 2020

5 Tips for Hunting from a Kayak

Parker McDonald of Southern Ground Hunting – July 29, 2020

Tipskayak | Fishing Kayaks | Canoe Fishing | Nucanoe

When I first started using a kayak to hunt, there was practically zero information online about it. I searched and searched, and often came up empty handed with the exception of a few duck hunting articles. It made it very difficult to prepare for my first season of kayak hunting when there weren’t really any experts offering advice. For me, everything was learned solely by experience in the field, or I guess… on the water. These days it seems there’s been an uptick in interest. A few “die hards” have learned that this is an incredibly effective way to get to unpressured areas, and it’s piqued the interest of people across the country. Luckily, new kayak hunters now have a fair amount of content to consume to help them get into the game of hunting with a kayak. That being said, I want to share with you five tips from things I have learned throughout the years of successfully hunting from a kayak. I hope this helps you in your preparations, and maybe gets you one step closer to paddling out that big buck! Read More

Tools for Getting Your Deer out of the Woods

Southern Ground – July 6, 2020

My New Hunting Kayak | NuCanoe Frontier 12

Southern Ground – July 6, 2020

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Seek One – May 21, 2020

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November 23, 2016

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