Transportation Solutions

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On a Vehicle

The NuCanoe is easily transported upside-down on two crossbars. Many vehicle’s factory racks will be sufficient. A width of 42″ or greater is preferred, but anything over 36″ is sufficient. Load the NuCanoe with the gunwales down, secure it with two straps, and away you go!

If you don’t have factory crossbars, the Thule Traverse Roof Rack System. and the Yakima Roof Rack System are good options.


On a Trailer

A small trailer will make transporting your NuCanoe a breeze. In fact, your NuCanoe never has to leave the trailer when its off the water as it can be used as a dolly to get your boat to and from the water, or to its storage location at your residence.

The Trailex SUT-200-SNC is a great, lightweight aluminum trailer custom designed to fit the NuCanoe. It is available through your NuCanoe dealer.

On a Cart

The NuCanoe Transport Cart makes getting your NuCanoe around on land easy as can be. It installs into the Transom Hole in seconds and requires no straps – hassle free!

The cart features a powder-coated aluminum frame and solid Tuff Tires that have no air so they’ll never go flat. It also enables solo car topping and easy loading onto a trailer or truck bed.

NuCanoe Transport Cart NuCanoe Transport Cart

Another option is a center cart. It goes under the center of the boat, so it supports more of the weight than the Transport Cart. Center carts require straps to keep the boat secure on rough or bumpy terrain. The C-Tug cart and the Nemo cart from Seattle Sports are good quality carts that work well.