My Custom NuCanoe – Owner Justin Burgess and his Frontier 12

My Custom NuCanoe – Owner Justin Burgess and his Frontier 12

Read below to hear how Justin Burgess customized his Frontier 12!

NuCanoe Customizable Fishing Kayak

I made a plate for my trolling motor that is a Minn Kota transom mount Endura C2 30 out of aluminum and bent and shaped it to fit where the front mighty mount bolts in. After aluma welding some side braces on it and adding plastic block to mount it to. I  also placed four bolts with large washers on the inside to help with flex from the trolling motor. I covered all 4 bolts with 3M permanent marine sealant to make everything water tight. I placed my battery on the inside of hull and ran wires to bolts I mounted through the deck. That I can place my wires from my trolling motor and depth-finder on with wingnuts so they can easily be adjusted or removed. It also makes the battery easier to charge because I dont have to take the battery out to charge it. I also made a aluminum plate that fit over my transom to stiffen it up (A 2.5hp can put some strain on it). The aluminum goes up and over the back and allowed me to place a large eye bolt throught the drain hole so I can hook a chain to my motor in the event that it became loose. The boat is perfect for what I wanted to do with it.

Great all around kayak that is above and beyond customizable.

– NuCanoe Owner Justin Burgess

#MyCustomNuCanoe – How have you customized your NuCanoe? Have you set it up for fishing, hunting or just to get out on the water? Post your pics & videos online and tag with #MyCustomNuCanoe or just email them to us at with a description of how you’ve rigged your NuCanoe and we’ll share them.


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