March 23rd, 2015|

In the 2015 spring issue of Kayak Angler magazine Ric Burnley reviews the Frontier 12.

The timing was perfect. Blake Young, owner of NuCanoe, was blasting through Virginia Beach a few days before the Tidewater Kayak Angler’s Club tournament. I wanted to fish the tournament with my daughter, Daria, and Blake had the perfect kayak on his trailer. Long story short: Blake lent us the boat, Daria caught a huge sea trout, she won the Junior Division and I fell in love with the Frontier.

When the NuCanoe Frontier hit the water in 2012, it made big waves with anglers and recreational paddlers. Based on the Franken-boat concept of mad engineer Tim Niemier, the Frontier improved on the best qualities of the NuCanoe Classic. The NuCanoe takes high gunnels and an open cockpit from its canoe roots. The rotomolded plastic construction, a central paddling position and scuppers come from the kayak side of the family.

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Frontier 12 Kayak Fish Tandem